Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Lift off.

Drinking Milae Vodka is about the experience, not just the ultra-smooth taste. Wanting, looking at, longing for, and finally sharing this crisp and exclusive bottle brings you one step closer to the lunar existence. The world’s top distillers have used nothing but their best ingredients (and gluten-free) to make this moonlit elixir.


Buying Milae is like owning a slice of the moon. For the lucky few who enjoy it, every bottle is a celebration.


Extraordinary from the inside out, our Milae signature bottle is meticulously hand-crafted to be a vessel worthy of the world’s purest vodka. After acquiring a parcel of the moon in 2018, we created a signature bottle made to reflect the lunar surface perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, that each bottle literally transports you 384,400 kilometers to your very own taste of heaven.

Senses and soul

clear flavor

Hand Crafted

Distilled in


Dr. John Walters received his Doctorate in Bio-Chemistry from Corpus Christi College, Oxford continuing to work in Pharmaceuticals worldwide.

After listening to The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4, where the guest declared that the British aren’t capable of distilling a great Eau de Vie he challenged this preconception. He combined his knowledge of chemistry with his love of good food, fine wines, and spirits to create an extensive portfolio of spirits and liqueurs, from vodka through gin and rum to Single Malt Spirit and even a Chinese Baijiu.

From establishing in 2011, English Spirit has won plenty of medals for the produts it produces both for them and clients.


Savor the finest of interplanetary luxuries with the best of company

Evolving the way the world drinks, our philosophy is simple: vodka should provide not only an excellent spirit but also a thrilling experience in countless settings. And when it comes to cocktail-making, few spirits are as versatile – so whether you’re throwing a party at home with some elaborate mixers or going classic with vodka neat, we’ve created a superior spirit and bottle that deserves a distinguished place of honor.

Evan Luthra

An innovator and serial entrepreneur tour de force, Evan Luthra has developed and delivered work for renowned Fortune 500 companies such as CitiBank, Volkswagen, Google, and many more. Heavily influential in the cryptocurrency industry, he is regarded as a blockchain authority and pioneer by global organizations, conferences, and such publications as Business Insider, Forbes, Entrepreneur, VICE, and Nextshark.

“The best way to predict the future is to build it” – Evan Luthra

Nino V Vang

An entrepreneur, environmentalist, and investor, Nino brings over 20 years of experience in business development, IT security, and finance to the Milae team, and is best known for his extensive expertise in harnessing innovative technologies at the forefront of human progress to create truly incredible experiences.

Justin Grant

A cutting-edge entrepreneur who has successfully founded, worked for, and invested in a variety of dynamic industries, Justin’s well-rounded experience boasts Fortune 500 companies from Ernst & Young to Ticketmaster, and, which he co-founded.

Our Team

Commander Justin Grant, Commander Nino V Vang, and commander Evan Luthra created Milae using an actual piece of the moon. The three pioneers all have a lifelong fascination with the moon. They have now brought to life this piece of art that is the Milae vodka bottle, and with this created something bigger than the drink itself: the notion that you are connected to the rest of the universe. Drinking Milae, together.

Our Mission

Don’t drink vodka. Drink Milae.

Why stay grounded? After all, life is a party and we don’t get many chances at it. Let Milae take you to the moon and back.




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